Visitors from Beijing Normal University


On September 22, CEHD hosted a distinguished group from Beijing Normal University. BNU President Qi Dong and colleagues met with CEHD director Professor James Heckman, CEHD researchers and high-level University of Chicago leadership to learn more about the Center and its research. Curriculum analyst Sylvi Kuperman presented on the ChinaREACH intervention, and Tim Kautz presented on the use of school administrative data to measure cognitive and noncognitive skills in adolescence. BNU Professor of Developmental Psychology Sha TAO gave a presentation on the National Children’s Study of China, a long-term study examining the physical and psychological development of children in China. Professor Tao XIN, Deputy Director of the National Assessment Center of Educational Quality, also presented on a study examining character education for children in China. CEHD and BNU are currently laying the groundwork for future collaborations.


Beijing Normal University:
Qi DONG – President
Changbao GUO – Dean, College of Chinese Language and Literature
Tao XIN – Deputy Director, National Monitoring and Assessment Center for Basic Education Quality
Lishuang FAN – Director, Office of Social Science Research
Sha TAO – Professor of Psychology
Kai XIAO – Deputy Director, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation
Center for the Economics of Human Development:
James Heckman – Director
Alison Baulos – Executive Director
Sylvi Kuperman – Curriculum Analyst
Carey Cheng – Research Assistant
Rebecca Myerson – Research Assistant
University of Chicago Administration:
Ian Solomon – Vice President of Global Engagement
David Cashman – Director, International Advancement (Asia)
Laura Skosey – Executive Director, Confucius Institute at the University of Chicago
Stephen Raudenbush – Lewis-Sebring Professor of Sociology and Chairman of the Committee on Education